Safe and reliable transport facility shall be provided from the city and nearby areas on multiple routes. To ensure the safety of students each school bus shall have an attendant and two teachers to monitor the routes and safety of the students. Additionally, the buses are equipped with GPS, mobile phones and medical kits for emergency situations.


A vegetarian lunch will be provided for all students and staff on all working days, in the school’s Lunch Hall. The food will be wholesome and nutritious, the menu being prepared by a qualified nutrinitionist.

There are RO water filters to dispense drinking water.

Medical Room

A well equipped Medical Room with in-house School Nurse and a visiting doctor. The school has a tie-up with a neighbourhood hospital in case of need.

Medical Records shall be maintained for each student and an Annual Medical Examination shall be conducted by the school with parents being sent a report for follow up action.

Parent Teacher Communication

The positive relationships between parents, students and teachers are the foundation of our learning environment.

We have a dedicated staff member who will regularly meet parents at their residence to create a channel of open-communication on all matters affecting the well-being of the school and the welfare and development of the students.

The Years a student spends in the school should enable him/her to acquire sound principles of conduct and action and lay a solid foundation for the true and purposeful living when he/she attains adulthood. Principles of honesty trust co-operation self-relience and hard work are inculcated through various School activities. In these activities, the student learns to do things to him/herself under the steady supervision and guidance of moderators.

Students take part in the following programmes :

Elocution Debate (Eng. & Hindi) Poster Making
Essay Writing News Reading Badminton etc
Cricket Creative Writing
Other Activities Twice in a week students are given extra time for the following activities. Students can take part in any one of these activities :
Karate Aerobics Drawing & Craft
Music (Vocal) Spoken English Indian Dance
western Dance Embroidery Vedic Mathematics
In addition to these activities, there are organised groups and societies engaged in different activities such as :
Science Club Environment Club Literary & Cultural Club
Functions & Celebrations
Students develop social awareness, values consciousness, leadership qualities and confidence in themselves through celebrations of the following functions which are normally conducted in the school :
Independence Day Teacher’s Day Sport’s Day
Children’s Day Hindi Day Republic Day

House System

To inculcate the quality of leadership, healthy competitions and team spirit all the School activities are carried out on a House basis by dividing the students into four different houses. Each house works under the supervision and guidance of a senior teacher as a House master who is assisted by a House Perfect.